LED Lights In Gardens

LED lights for garden lighting can create a completely new atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings. LEDs are not only safe but cheap to run, and are available in the full spectrum of colors. If you have a proper LED lighting set up in your backyard, the place can become an integral part of your life [...]

Path Lights – What They Are & Why They Are Important

Path lights give illumination to your front walk or garden path for safety and convenience and can add a unique look to your garden or outside area at night. They provide a safe outdoor environment in low-light situations. Path lights are usually between 18 to 24 inches from the ground and available in a very [...]

How much light do I need and how far apart should I space my lights?

Quantity of light is relative to overall brightness of the area. The more ambient light around (streetlights, neighboring houses, etc), the more light you'll need to make the path lighting stand out. In rural areas with low ambient light, less is more. Your eyes already adjust to the dark, and too much light can cause [...]

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