Path Lights – What They Are & Why They Are Important

Path lights give illumination to your front walk or garden path for safety and convenience and can add a unique look to your garden or outside area at night. They provide a safe outdoor environment in low-light situations.

Path lights are usually between 18 to 24 inches from the ground and available in a very wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit your garden. They are ideal for highlighting and creating a warm glow around and on the sidewalk area. Path lights are a lighting fixture that should be a feature of your garden landscape after dark and whatever your taste you should be able to find lighting for the purpose to suit your requirements.

Lighting for paths casts light patterns that are symmetrical on the ground by using shielding on fittings that are low level which light steps and paths borders. Path lights are used commonly for ground cover areas, walkways, flowerbeds and small pathways with spacing of 6 to 10 feet. For safety it is important to have path lights around any water features in your landscape such as ponds or pools as well as driveways and walkways. They can also be used to feature shrubs and flowers to highlight the lovely colors under the moonlight. They may have an on-off switch which allows the homeowner to conserve the electrical charge for special events which ensures the running time is as long as possible.

Path lights are traditionally soft, dim lighting which accents the walkway and are placed at even intervals. They add beauty and safety to the landscape or yard. To prevent glare they may be covered with fixtures to achieve an even and clear light. For any home-owner with a garden solar path lights are a definite must for your garden. To eliminate the waste of all-night outdoor lighting you may consider motion detector lights but path lights add safety and are still recommended for that purpose.

Path lights are probably the best lighting for the garden that you can buy as they add safety features and help to accentuate the beauty of your garden at night.

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